Richmond, VA - Today, former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine met with workers and business leaders across the Richmond area and attended a rally with Bruce Springsteen in Charlottesville.

Kaine started the day by meeting UPS workers before their shift began at their facility in Chesterfield. Then, Kaine toured and held an employee town hall at UNOS, an organ donation tracking facility Kaine helped recruit to the City of Richmond as mayor. During the town hall event, Kaine discussed his strategies to grow the economy by investing in new industries like health information technology, and advocated a balanced approach to balancing the budget that would make resources available for job training and education.

“This biotechnology park is a great example of the economic strategies I want to pursue in the Senate,” said Kaine. “When I started working on the project as a city councilman it was just an idea, but now 2,500 people work here in 1 million square feet of space and it is bringing talented people to the area. It’s how you grow and create jobs in this global economy. If you win the talent race, you win the economic race.”

During the afternoon, Kaine traveled to Charlottesville to attend an Obama for America rally with Bruce Springsteen. While introducing the musician Kaine called a “national treasure,” he commended Springsteen’s commitment to social justice and fairness that moves the nation forward.

Over the course of the campaign, Kaine has laid out a plan to create jobs and increase economic growth by leveling the playing field for small businesses, investing in workforce training and education, from K-12 to higher education, and responsibly reducing the budget deficit in a balanced way that protects important priorities like Medicare and infrastructure. At an event in the evening with the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce, Kaine shared these strategies and committed to work across the aisle in the U.S. Senate to get results for the people of Virginia.

“Congress is the economy’s ankle weight right now," said Kaine. "There’s a great deal of lift to be achieved if we have a Congress that knows how to work together. When I was governor in the worst recession in 70 years Virginia was named best state for business all four years because of things we were able to do working together. When he was Virginia’s senator, John Warner worked in a Gang of 14 to break gridlock. Now, Mark Warner works in a Gang of 6 to address our fiscal challenges. I will carry on that tradition and work to build bridges and bring people together to get results.”

Since the first of the year, Kaine has met with more than 1000 Virginians at more than 100 forums, roundtables, and town halls, including meetings with small business owners, veterans, Latino community leaders, defense contractors, women business owners, faith leaders, and others who have shared their thoughts on strategies to strengthen the economy and create jobs.