Richmond, VA - Highlighting his record of bipartisanship, fiscal responsibility, and sound management as Governor of Virginia, Tim Kaine today unveiled the first television ad of his U.S. Senate campaign. The thirty-second ad features Kaine speaking directly to Virginia's voters about the approach he took on fiscal issues during the height of an economic crisis. "During the worst recession in decades, I worked with both parties to cut Virginia’s budget by five billion dollars. I cut my own pay to lead by example. We were fiscally responsible while advancing our most important priorities, like education," Kaine says.  During his time as Governor, Virginia was named best state for business and best state to raise a child.  "Leadership is working together to tackle tomorrow's challenges," Kaine concludes.

Kaine for Virginia:

"More than anything else, our Commonwealth and our nation need leaders who can work across the aisle to restore fiscal responsibility and strengthen our economy. That's exactly what Tim Kaine did in Virginia and that's what he'll do as a U.S. Senator," said Kaine campaign manager Mike Henry. "While outside groups and secret donors have spent more than $8.5 million in negative, misleading ads designed to prop up George Allen's campaign, we're thrilled to begin our advertising campaign with Tim Kaine speaking directly to the people of Virginia with a positive message about his record of bringing people together and sound fiscal management."

"Best" will run on broadcast and cable stations in major media markets across Virginia, and kicks off what will be a sustained television advertising campaign for Kaine throughout the fall campaign.  To date, Kaine has purchased more than $4.5 million in advertising time between now and Election Day.  This early investment would not be possible without the support of more than 30,000 grassroots donors who have contributed to the campaign thus far. 


Claim Fact
TIM KAINE: “During the worst recession in decades, I worked with both parties to cut Virginia’s budget by five billion dollars.”
Tim Kaine
Cut $5 Billion]
Richmond Times-Dispatch: “In Reality, Kaine Worked With Legislators To Cut More Than $5 Billion To Offset Dwindling Revenue And Balanced The Budget As Required By State Law.” The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported, “In reality, Kaine worked with legislators to cut more than $5 billion to offset dwindling revenue and balanced the budget as required by state law.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 4/25/12]
AP: Kaine Cut Nearly $6 Billion And Balanced The Budget. The Associated Press reported, “While the recession depleted revenues, Kaine and the General Assembly cut nearly $6 billion and never finished a fiscal year with insufficient funds…” [Associated Press, 11/10/11
TIM KAINE: “I cut my own pay to lead by example.”
[On-Screen: Cut Own Pay]
Richmond Times-Dispatch: “Kaine Is Taking A 5 Percent Pay Cut.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/1/07]
2007: Kaine To Return 5 Percent Of His Annual Salary. The Washington Times reported, “Mr. Kaine also plans to return 5 percent of his annual salary and defer pay raises to administration staffers.” [Washington Times, 10/2/07]
Jeff Schapiro: “By Giving Up Frills And Then Some, Kaine Is Cutting Spending Over The Next 21 Months In His Office And Those Of His Cabinet Secretaries.”  Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch wrote, “There'll be no hanging out around the water cooler at Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's office - because there won't be a water cooler. By giving up frills and then some, Kaine is cutting spending over the next 21 months in his office and those of his Cabinet secretaries, and at the Executive Mansion, by $1.4 million. Because of the sagging economy, Kaine previously trimmed his budget $667,000. That included a voluntary 5 percent cut in his $175,000-a-year salary. His office budget is $4.9 million. Eight jobs have been eliminated, but only two workers have been laid off. The other jobs were vacant. Kaine and the Cabinet have a combined staff of 110. Other cutbacks include dropping water-cooler and coffee service, weekday subscriptions to two daily newspapers, reduced cell phone service for staff and less travel by Kaine and first lady Anne Holton. Also, there will be less official entertainment, contributing to lower laundry bills and a reduction in the Executive Mansion grocery bill of almost 25 percent.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10/9/08]
Kaine Cut To His Own Salary 5% And Announced Over $1.4 Million In Cuts To The Executive Office Budget. According to a press release from the Office of Governor Kaine, “Governor Timothy M. Kaine today announced staff reductions and other spending cuts to the Executive office budget, including the Cabinet. The cuts total more than $900,000 for the remainder of fiscal year 2009 and increase to $1.4 million on an annual basis- or 10%- in fiscal year 2010. Combined with reductions made in October of 2007 and February of 2008, including a 5% reduction in the Governor's salary, budget cuts to the Governor's office budget now amount to more than $1.9 million annually. The resulting reductions in the personal residence budget total 10%. Last month, the Governor ordered his staff to scrub the budget for his office and the Governor's Mansion for items to eliminate. The directive was clear: No item was too small to cut.” [Office Of Governor Kaine Press Release, 10/8/08]
TIM KAINE: “We were fiscally responsible while advancing our most important priorities, like education.”
[On-Screen: Fiscally Responsible]
2009 Pew Study Praised Virginia Budgeting During The Recession, Saying Virginia Was “Better Positioned To Weather Bad Times.” The Pew Center on the States issued a report in February 2009 titled, "Trade-off Time: How Four States Continue to Deliver," which praised Virginia as one of four states leading the nation in making wise budget decisions during the recession. The report specifically praised Virginia Performs -- a program created by Governor Mark Warner and expanded by Governor Kaine -- for allowing Virginia “to systematically tackle the state’s budget crisis and increase agency productivity.” As a result of Virginia’s budgeting and management practices, the report stated that the Commonwealth "will be better positioned to weather bad times.” [Trade-off Time: How Four States Continue To Deliver, The Pew Center On The States, 2/11/09]
Kaine's Outgoing Budget Proposed Two Percent Less General Fund Spending Than The Budget He Inherited. Kaine inherited a General Fund budget of $15,111,251,632 for FY2006. As he left office, Kaine proposed a General Fund budget of $14,806,626,205 for FY2011. [Department Of Planning and Budget, General Fund FY2006; Kaine 2010-2012 Budget Document, 12/19/09]
2008: General Assembly Agreed to $1.4 Billion Bond Package For Higher Ed, Which Kaine Called “Critical to Our Economic Success.” The Bond Buyer reported, “Virginia lawmakers late Tuesday reached a preliminary agreement on a $1.4 billion bond package to fund construction at the state's colleges, parks, and mental health facilities. . . . ‘The General Assembly has worked very hard over the last months to advance our higher education bond proposal,’ Kaine said in a statement. ‘The completion of their work will signal a record investment in Virginia's higher education institutions, which are absolutely critical to our economic success.’” [The Bond Buyer, 4/17/08]
Roanoke Times: $1.4 Billion Bond Package For Higher Education A Rare Moment To Be Proud Of All Lawmakers. In an editorial, the Roanoke Times wrote, “Rare is the moment when Virginians can look to Richmond and be proud of every single lawmaker. It's been a long time coming, but just such an auspicious occasion occurred last week when all lawmakers agreed to a $1.46 billion bond package that, for the most part, will be spent bettering the state's universities and community colleges.” [Editorial, The Roanoke Times, 4/28/08]
TIM KAINE (VO): “While I was governor, Virginia was named the best state for business…”
Forbes Ranked Virginia “Best State For Business” For All Four Years Of Kaine’s Term. The Virginian-Pilot reported, “Forbes.com has ranked Virginia the ‘best state for business’ for the fourth consecutive year, Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's office said Wednesday.” [The Virginian-Pilot, 9/24/09]
TIM KAINE: “…and the best state to raise a child.”
Education Week Ranked Virginia The Best State In Which To Raise A Child. Education Week ranked Virginia at the top of its “Chance-for-Success Index,” which “is based on 13 indicators that highlight whether young children get off to a good start, succeed in elementary and secondary school, and hit key educational and economic benchmarks as adults.” [Education Week, 1/4/07]
TIM KAINE: “I’m Tim Kaine and I approve this message, because leadership is working together to tackle tomorrow's challenges.”