Richmond, VA - Today,former governor and U.S.Senate candidate TIm Kaine shared his economic vision and his commitment to strengthening Social Security and Medicare with Hampton Roads seniors at The Sands retirement community in Virginia Beach. During the 60-minute forum, Kaine shared his commitment to keep the promises made to seniors and protect the benefits they have earned. He also discussed his strategies for creating jobs and strengthening the economy.

“As we wrestle with how best to reduce the federal deficit, it is important that we do things in a balanced way that protects important priorities like Medicare, Medicaid, education, and transportation,” said Kaine. “As senator, I will advocate a balanced approach that keeps the promises we’ve made to seniors and ensures they have the dignified retirement they’ve earned.”
Kaine contrasted his support for a balanced approach of revenues and cuts to reduce our deficit with the "all cuts" approach George Allen advocates, which could cost Virginia jobs, hurt the economy, and jeopardize important programs that support millions of Americans. He also contrasted his preferred entitlement reforms, which will strengthen Social Security and Medicare without compromising quality of care, with the risky schemes supported by George Allen. As senator, Allen voted to shift Social Security funds to private accounts and today he promotes the same plan while praising Paul Ryan’s cost-shifting approach to Medicare. Kaine also outlined his strategies for breaking through Washington’s political gridlock.
“As a senator from Virginia, I should always work with the president, no matter who it is,” said Kaine. “My first three years as governor I worked with President Bush to get results for Virginia and in my last year I worked with President Obama. We need more partnership and less partisanship in Washington and that’s what I’ll do as senator.”

Following his remarks, Kaine took questions from the audience. Topics included ways to break through Washington’s gridlock, ways to reduce the unemployment rate for veterans, research and development funding, and infrastructure investments, among others.