Richmond, VA -Today, former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine campaigned on the Eastern Shore and Northern Neck, sharing his economic strategies to create jobs, strengthen the economy, balance the budget, and break through Washington’s gridlock.

“The big issues ahead of us are how to accelerate the economy, how to fix our budget, and especially how to work together and find common ground in Congress,” said Kaine to voters in Accomac. “Having been a governor during a recession, and having kept Virginia the Best State for Business all four years, I know how to do this. By making smart investments in infrastructure and workforce, leveling the playing field for small businesses, and maintaining a good tax and regulatory balance you can have a strong economy. That’s a Virginia lesson I want to take to Washington.”

He also thanked grassroots volunteers for their hard work in fighting back against the secret money that has flooded Virginia’s airwaves. Recent reports have noted more secret money has been spent against Tim Kaine than any other candidate in the country except President Obama.

“Virginians aren’t waiting to hear one more negative ad to make up their mind,” said Kaine. “They’re waiting to hear something positive from a candidate about what you want to do for them in the Senate. They want a positive word from someone they trust and by making these phone calls and knocking on those doors, you can be that positive word that makes the difference.”

During a discussion and meet and greet with Northern Neck residents in Warsaw, Kaine shared his strategies to responsibly balance the budget and for preventing looming sequestration cuts. For months, Kaine has laid out his commonsense solution based on three realistic, compromise positions.

“This is a time for putting specific, bipartisan proposals on the table,” said Kaine in Warsaw. “I’ve laid out a strategy to avoid these cuts and each piece is a compromise. First, let the Bush tax cuts expire for the first dollar of income over $500,000. Second, fix Medicare to allow for the negotiation of prescription drug prices. Finally, end the taxpayer subsidies to big oil companies that don’t need them. If you do those three things you take the $1 trillion sequester problem and dramatically reduce it. As someone who cut $5 billion out of an $80 billion budget I know we can make those cuts in a way that won’t devastate the economy or defense.”

Since the beginning of the year, Kaine has met with thousands of voters at more than 100 economic roundtable discussions and community events. He has built his U.S. Senate campaign on the grassroots support of more than 40,000 donors and the strong efforts of nearly 10,000 volunteers who have made more than 1 million phone calls and knocked on more than 100,000 doors on his behalf.