Richmond, VA - Today, Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS tried to put a new shine on some debunked, worn out claims they’ve tried before to mislead on Tim Kaine’s record. Crossroads GPS has flooded Virginia airwaves with more than $11 million in support of George Allen’s campaign.

The reality?  The non-partisan Tax Foundation found that the tax burden for Virginians was lower under Tim Kaine than George Allen.    And while Crossroads GPS proves adept at selectively editing video clips, the fact remains Tim Kaine is the only candidate in this race who has laid out a workable plan to avert sequestration cuts, including billions to defense priorities, while Allen’s proposals would just make things worse.

“Virginians know that what’s ‘wrong’ is Karl Rove’s continued attempts to keep George Allen’s campaign afloat by peddling more distortions with only millions in secret money to back them up. What’s ‘wrong’ was George Allen’s reckless spending record in the Senate that turned a huge surplus to a massive deficit and added trillions to our national debt and a million people to the unemployment rolls. And what’s ‘wrong’ is George Allen’s attempts to dig out of the budget mess he helped create by making drastic cuts to education, Medicare, and infrastructure that will cost Virginia jobs and hurt Virginia seniors,” said Kaine for Virginia Communications Director Brandi Hoffine.

“While George Allen and Karl Rove want to continue down the same wrong path that brought our economy to the brink of collapse, Tim Kaine has laid out a plan that will build on the Virginia-based strategies he pursued as governor to improve the economy. Governor Kaine continues to share his strategies to create jobs that support small businesses that are the true job creators, bolster education, and avert defense cuts in sequestration and reduce our deficit. George Allen’s plans were wrong for the Commonwealth the last time around and wrong this time. Virginians can’t afford to send him back.”

This is Karl Rove's 15th attempt to boost George Allen’s campaign with false, misleading ads. Tim Kaine twice offered George Allen opportunities to reach an agreement limiting the influence of these outside groups on this Senate race and George Allen twice declined, opting instead to bolster his re-election campaign with out-of-state, negative advertising.


Quick Facts You Should Know 
Kaine Left The Overall Tax Burden On Virginians Lower Than Allen. [Tax Foundation, accessed 11/28/11]
Allen Inherited Giant Surplus And Turned It Into A Massive Federal Deficit. [CNN, 9/27/2000; Washington Post, 10/8/04] 
As Senator, Allen Voted To Add $3 Trillion To The National Debt, Adding Over $16,000 To The Debt Every Second He Was In Office.  [PolitiFact Virginia, 4/15/11]
Kaine Signed Legislation That “Would Remove About 140,000 Low-Income Virginians From The Tax-Rolls.” [Roanoke Times, 3/22/07]

Fact Check: "Biggest Votes" Ad

CLAIM: Kaine tried to raise taxes on people making as little as $17,000 a year.
FACT: Kaine’s budget actually proposed swapping one tax for another, finally ending the hated car tax.
Kaine Proposed “Eliminating The State’s Expensive Car Tax Relief Program And Replacing It With A 1 Percent Surcharge To The State’s Income Tax.” According to the Roanoke Times, “In his final budget, Kaine cut a couple billion more, then made up the rest of a $4.2 billion shortfall by eliminating the state’s expensive car tax relief program and replacing it with a 1 percent surcharge to the state’s income tax. The reviled car tax would be eliminated by funneling some of the $1.9 billion raised by the tax to localities.”[Roanoke Times, 2/14/10]
Kaine Argued “The Right Way To Eliminate” $950 Million Annual Car Tax Payment Was To “Give Local Governments A Better Revenue Source In Exchange.” According to a December 2009 press release issued by Kaine’s office, Kaine said, “Now, I am mindful of what happens if we do not make this payment. Local car tax bills will be issued without the reduction created by the state payment. And so, local taxpayers will receive higher car tax bills. So, let me offer a second idea. Let’s keep the promise. Let’s get rid of the car tax on personal vehicles completely, but do it the right way. The car tax is particularly objectionable because it requires citizens to write a large check once or twice a year. The right way to eliminate this tax is to give local governments a better revenue source in exchange. We should impose a 1% income tax surcharge in Virginia and give 100% of the revenue to local governments in exchange for their agreement to completely eliminate the property tax on all personal cars, trucks and motorcycles. This will diversify local revenues in a way that will help cities and counties manage through some of the painful cuts we have announced here. It will create an additional base of state revenue that can be used to prudentially expand our ability to issue state-backed debt. And, it will show the citizens that we can keep a promise by getting rid of the car tax once and for all.” [Press Release, Office of Governor Kaine, 12/18/09]

FACT: Allen’s outgoing budget also tried to phase out the car tax, with disastrous results.
Allen Proposed Abolishing Car Tax In His Outgoing Budget. The Virginian-Pilot reported, “Gov. George F. Allen told key legislators Friday that he will include $260 million in the two-year budget he will propose next month to begin abolishing the personal property tax on most cars.” [Virginian-Pilot, 11/15/97]

  • Allen Said He Ran The Numbers On Gilmore’s Car Tax Proposal And Said The Plan Would Work. Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Gov. George Allen, who had been briefed on the plan by Gilmore Monday, endorsed the plan after running the numbers through the Department of Motor Vehicles' computers. Those figures show that there are 4,119,900 personal cars, trucks and vans registered in Virginia. Allen told reporters yesterday that the plan is feasible. With a booming economy and a record number of people working, there should be sufficient tax revenues to reimburse the localities, he said.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/10/97]
  • 1997: After Allen Proposed Car Tax Phase-Out, Gilmore Said He Was “Confident Allen’s Numbers Will Work.” The Washington Post reported, “Outgoing Virginia Gov. George Allen (R) has informed leaders of the General Assembly that he will include money in his two-year budget proposal next month to begin carrying out his Republican successor's plan to cut the car tax. . . . Allen's spending blueprint will become the basis for debate -- and competing proposals -- when the General Assembly convenes Jan. 14, three days before Gilmore is sworn in. . . . Gilmore, who spoke yesterday at a meeting of House Republicans, rejected the skepticism, saying he is confident Allen's numbers will work.” [Washington Post, 11/16/97]
  • Allen: “Specifically, I Am Recommending…The First Installment Toward Gilmore’s Great Idea To Effectively Eliminate The Personal Property Tax On Cars…” In his final State of the Commonwealth address, Allen said, “In the next budget, Virginia's robust economy is expected to add $ 1.8 billion in additional general fund revenues. Consistent with our principles and Virginians' dedication to responsible fiscal management, not all of this money is being spent. A full one-third of this additional revenue is going to savings for a rainy day or for tax relief. Our strong economy enabled me to propose that a ‘dividend’ be returned to Virginia's shareholders - the people of Virginia. Specifically, I am recommending the following tax cuts: The first installment toward [Gov.-elect] Gilmore's great idea to effectively eliminate the personal property tax on cars, pickup trucks and vans.” [Governor Allen’s State of the Commonwealth Address, 1/14/98]

2004: “Allen Played A Key Role In Virginia's Fiscal Chaos.” In an op-ed headlined, “Allen Played A Key Role In Virginia's Fiscal Chaos,” Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch wrote: “U. S. Sen. George Allen spent several hours this past Monday clomping about the state Capitol, at one point - are you sitting down? - reminding fellow Republicans to be tight with taxpayer dollars. And this, on the very same day that the Congressional Budget Office predicted a $2.4 trillion deficit over the next decade, from the very same guy who - first as governor and now as a senator - has been spending like a Democrat. . . . [T]here is a sense that Allen, regardless of his image as the cheery, chaps-wearing savior of the Virginia Republican Party, is the wrong role model to roll out in the high-stakes debate over taxes and spending. Simply put: He lacks credibility on fiscal issues. . . . Allen wrote a record farewell budget fattened by almost $4 billion. . . . The budget also provided nearly $350 million in tax cuts, most of it a down payment on Gilmore's car-tax rollback, which has doubled in cost and been frozen at 70 percent since 2001 because the state can't afford a full phaseout. The no-car-tax plan and the run on the state's credit card that accelerated under back-to-back Republican governors has rattled Wall Street and could cost Virginia its cherished Aaa bond rating, the highest possible. But Allen was long gone from Mr. Jefferson's Capitol by the time his policies exacted their toll on the state's ledger.” [Op-Ed, Jeff E. Schapiro, Richmond Times-Dispatch, 2/1/04]

CLAIM: Kaine wants to cut defense spending.
FACT: Full context of 2011 Kaine interview on debt ceiling crisis shows he was merely stating: “The American public fully understands that the only way we’ll solve this deficit issue is if we touch everything:” entitlements, defense, and revenues.
In 2011 Interview On Debt Ceiling Crisis, Kaine Said The American People Understand That The Only Way To Solve The Deficit Issue Is To Touch Everything. In an interview with Ryan Nobles of NBC12 Richmond, Kaine said, “Remember when the Bush tax cuts were put in place they were made temporary for one reason and one reason only – if they were permanent they were going to mess up the deficit. That was why Senator Allen and his colleagues made those tax cuts temporary. Well, here we are that’s exactly what’s happened. They’ve messed up the deficit, we need to let them expire at the top end, but Republicans are basically saying to the President we want you to give on all the entitlement things but we’re not going to give on revenues. The American public fully understands that the only way we’ll solve this deficit issue is if we touch everything: we have to cut defense spending, we have to cut non-defense discretionary spending, we have to find cuts and savings in entitlement programs, we’ve got to have new revenues, largely through closing these loopholes that we don’t need to keep in place.” [Kaine Interview, NBC12 Richmond, 7/14/11]

FACT: Allen was specifically asked in a Senate debate whether he would make defense cuts and he said yes.
Allen Said Of Cutting Defense: “In Every Single Federal Government Agency, There Can Be Savings Found, None Of Them Are Running As Efficiently As Possible.” At the Virginia Bar Association Debate, Allen had the following exchange with Moderator Candy Crowley: “CROWLEY: Governor Allen let me continue with you on the idea of cuts and versus taxes. A member of our audience, actually several members, wanted me to ask you all what specific cuts would you make and let’s take -- we all know the defense budget and entitlements  are two huge expenditures for the federal government -- what specific big cut would you make in the defense department to help bring down? ALLEN: In defense? CROWLEY: In defense. ALLEN: In defense - well first of all in every single federal government agency, there can be savings found, none of them are running as efficiently as possible.” [Virginia Bar Association Debate, 7/21/12]

FACT: Only one candidate in this race has ever voted against funding for our troops and veterans.
2006: Allen Voted Against Measure To Stop TRICARE Fees From Tripling For Retired Officers. In 2006, Allen voted against an amendment that would have put more money into Tricare and would have blocked a Bush administration proposal to raise fees and co-payments for younger retirees on Tricare. The amendment would have been paid for by closing tax loopholes. Republicans DeWine and Chafee voted for the amendment, which failed 46-53. Allen voted no. [Roll Call Vote No. 67, 3/16/06]

  • Kerry: “Bush’s Proposal Would Essentially Triple Fees For Retired Officers.” A press release from Senator John Kerry stated, “Today, Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) offered an amendment to restore funding for TRICARE, the Department of Defense healthcare program for servicemembers and their families. President Bush's budget for next year includes a proposal to increase TRICARE fees and co-payments for military retirees under the age of 65 and their dependents. . . . Bush's proposal would essentially triple fees for retired officers, double them for senior enlisted retirees, and demand more from every military retiree under the age of 65 who uses the TRICARE health care system. Kerry's amendment restores the funding for TRICARE so that military retirees are not saddled with increased fees and co-payments.” [Press Release from Senator John Kerry, 3/16/06]
  • Amendment Allen Opposed Would Have Closed Tax Loopholes And Blocked Bush Proposal To Increase TRICARE Fees. The Navy Times reported, “Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., offered an amendment that would have blocked a Bush administration proposal to increase health care fees and co-payments for military retirees under age 65 who are covered by Tricare, but that amendment was defeated by a 53-46 vote. Kerry's amendment would have closed tax loopholes to raise $10.4 billion over five years as an alternative to increasing Tricare fees for younger retirees.” [Navy Times, 3/27/06]

2003: Allen Voted Against Adding $322 Million For Battlefield Clearance And Safety Equipment For Our Troops. Allen voted for the “Stevens, R-Alaska, motion to table (kill) the Dodd, D-Conn., amendment no. 1817 that would add $322 million to the bill's spending on battlefield clearance and safety equipment for U.S. troops in Iraq.” [Vote 376, 10/2/03; CQ Floor Votes]

  • Dodd Said His Amendment Was Meant To Alleviate A Shortfall Of “$200 Million For Critical Gear For Our Soldiers” That The Army Cited. In a floor statement, Chris Dodd said the following about his proposed Amendment 1817, “I rise to propose this amendment to the emergency supplemental spending bill to ensure that Congress and the administration keep sight of what I believe must remain our number one priority for the conduct of the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the protection of our American troops. According to the U.S. Army, the President's supplemental bill falls short of over $200 million for critical gear for our soldiers slated to rotate in Iraq and Afghanistan in the months ahead. This amendment was designed specifically to see to it that those U.S. troops coming into Iraq, into a theater of war, would receive important equipment they need to perform their missions effectively. This equipment includes important high-tech body armor, bullet-proof helmets, special water packs to keep soldiers hydrated, and other survival gear.” [Congressional Record, 10/2/03]

2003: Allen Voted Against “Approximately $1 Billion For Equipment For National Guard And Reserves.” Allen voted in favor of the “Cochran, R-Miss., motion to table (kill) the Landrieu, D-La., amendment that would appropriate approximately $1 billion for equipment for the National Guard and Reserves.” [Vote 116, 4/2/03; CQ Floor Votes]

  • Landrieu Press Release Cited Need For “Helmets, Tents, Bullet-Proof Inserts, And Tactical Vests.” A press release from Senator Landrieu’s office said, “The Marine Corps Reserve reports that before they could deploy a second wave of troops a shortage of helmets, tents, bullet-proof inserts, and tactical vests must be fulfilled. Likewise, the Army Reserve reports a shortage of rifles - both the M4 and M16 – would have to be replenished before deploying a second wave of troops. Landrieu's amendment would increase funding for the Reserves and Guard by $1 billion.” [Senator Mary Landrieu Press Release, 3/26/03]

2005: Allen Voted Against Extending Earned Income Tax Relief For Combat Troops. Allen voted against “Kerry, D-Mass., motion to waive the Budget Act with respect to the Grassley, R-Iowa, point of order against the Kerry amendment no. 2616. The Kerry amendment would extend through 2007 the inclusion of combat pay in earned income. It also would accelerate so-called marriage penalty tax relief for the earned income tax credit and extend the effective dates of leasing provisions of the American Jobs Creation Act.” The Motion failed 55-43, though a three-fifths majority was required to waive the budget act, thus the amendment fell. Forty-three Democrats and 11 Republicans voted in favor of the Kerry amendment. [Vote 344, 11/17/05; CQ Floor Votes]

  • Reagan Called The EITC “The Best Anti-Poverty, The Best Pro-Family, The Best Job Creation Measure To Come Out Of Congress.” The Topeka Capital-Journal reported that President Reagan said “The Earned Income Tax Credit is the best anti-poverty, the best pro-family, the best job creation measure to come out of Congress.” [Topeka Capital-Journal, 1/21/12]
  • New York Times Editorial Called The EITC “The Pride Of Ronald Reagan.” [The New York Times, 8/30/11]

Obama On Tax Relief Amendment: “Our Troops Not Only Earn Their Combat Pay, But They Have Also Earned Our Respect.” In a floor statement, Senator Obama said, “I rise to speak in favor of the amendment I am offering with Senator Kerry to make two simple yet critical improvements to the earned income credit and to reduce the Federal deficit. Our amendment provides relief from the marriage penalty and from the military service penalty faced by many low-income taxpayers. . . . The second fix proposed by this amendment is to ensure that the families of our men and women in combat are not deprived of their tax benefits. In the midst of war, are we really going to tell our troops that their combat pay doesn't count as earned income for purposes of calculating tax credits?  That is hard to image. Our amendment extends the tax protection for combat pay through 2007. Our troops not only earn their combat pay, but they have also earned our respect. They deserve our commitment of support.” [Congressional Record, 11/17/05]
Allen Voted Against $47 Billion To “Recondition And Repair Equipment” For Military, Which Would Be Paid For By Repealing Certain Tax Cuts. Allen voted against the Reed amendment, which according to Congressional Quarterly “would provide $47 billion to recondition and repair equipment for the military.” [Vote 8, 2/2/06; CQ Floor Votes]

CLAIM: Kaine supports a budget deal that guts defense spending.
FACT: Crossroads’ Own, Karl Rove, supported the debt deal too.
Rove Praised House Republicans For The Debt Deal They Negotiated And Passed, Called The Cuts In The Deal “A Down Payment.” In an op-ed published in The Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove wrote, “For Republicans, the outcome was far more positive. House Republicans adroitly shifted the debate's focus from how much to raise the debt ceiling to how much should spending be cut. They achieved this even while the other two centers of power in any legislative struggle—the Senate and the White House—remained in Democratic hands. In doing so, Republicans achieved roughly two-thirds of the spending cuts sought in the budget the House passed in April, cuts which would have gone nowhere in the Senate without the debt-ceiling battle. . . . The cuts agreed to in the debt-ceiling debate are a down payment.” [Rove Op-Ed, Wall Street Journal, 8/4/11]

FACTThe debt deal was negotiated by Republican leaders Mitch McConnell, John Boehner and Eric Cantor. Allen’s approach would have led the U.S. to default on its debts for the first time in history, which is why the vast majority of his own allies supported the deal.
Paul Ryan On Why He Voted For The Debt Deal: “It Was A Step In The Right Direction.” In an interview on Face the Nation, Ryan said, “I did, you know why I voted for it? Because I was working to find common ground with Democrats to get a down payment on deficit reduction. I worked with President Obama to find common ground to get a down payment on deficit reduction. It wasn't a big down payment but it was a step in the right direction.”  [Face The Nation, 9/9/12]
John Boehner On Debt Deal: “I Got 98 Percent Of What I Wanted. I'm Pretty Happy.” While discussing the debt deal on CBS Evening News, John Boehner said, “When you look at this final agreement that we came to with the white House, I got 98 percent of what I wanted. I'm pretty happy.” [CBS Evening News, 8/1/11]
U.S. Chamber Of Commerce: “This Legislation—The Product Of A Bipartisan Agreement Among Congressional Leaders And President Obama—Must Be Approved To Avert Default.” The U.S. Chamber of Commerce said, "The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the world’s largest business federation representing the interests of more than three million businesses and organizations of every size, sector, and region, strongly supports the “Budget Control Act of 2011,” which would increase the statutory debt ceiling. This legislation—the product of a bipartisan agreement among Congressional leaders and President Obama—must be approved to avert default, reduce spending, and begin the process of getting America’s fiscal house in order." [U.S. Chamber of Commerce Press Release,8/1/2011]
The US Chamber Of Commerce On Debt Deal: “This Legislation Is The Right Thing To Do.” In a key vote letter supporting the Budget Control Act of 2011, the US Chamber of Commerce said: "As is the nature of all compromises, this bill is not perfect. It does not fix America’s long-run debt and deficit problems, nor reform the tax code, two things that Congress still must do. But this legislation is the right thing to do, now. This legislation increases the statutory debt ceiling in a manner that does not trigger an increase in taxes, but instead would force Congress to cut spending. The Chamber strongly supports the “Budget Control Act of 2011.” The Chamber will consider including votes on, or in relation to, this issue in our annual How They Voted scorecard." [U.S. Chamber Of Commerce, Key Vote Letter, 8/1/11]
Donohue Threatened To “Get Rid Of” Republicans Who Didn't Support Raising Borrowing Limit. Time reported, "At a Chamber of Commerce event on Monday in Atlanta, Chamber President Tom Donohue had a pointed message for Republicans who won’t raise the borrowing limit: ‘We’ll get rid of you.’ Wall Street is fed up with the debt-limit brinkmanship; John Boehner received a chilly reception when he laid out Republican demands in New York City last month. In Atlanta, Donohue offered the House Speaker the kind of backhanded compliment that can leave a mark. ‘He’s growing into his shorts,’ Donohue said. ‘He’s put on his big boy pants.’” [Time, 6/14/11]
Cantor Negotiated Sequestration Deal And Whipped Freshman Tea Party Representatives To Vote For It. The New York Times reported, “Staff members from the office of Mr. McCarthy and Representative Eric Cantor of Virginia, the Republican majority leader, leaned on the aides of on-the-fence members, fuming, at times, said several staff members, that their bosses would not simply commit and move on. To get the bill to pass, Mr. McCarthy and Mr. Cantor worked the phones, as well as the hallways and the floor of the House.” [New York Times, 8/2/11]

  • Allen Two Days Ago: Cantor “Is Doing A Fantastic Job As A Leader In The House Of Representatives.” Appearing at Eric Cantor’s Republican Round-Up, Allen said, “It’s great to see so many people here supporting Eric Cantor, who is doing a fantastic job as a leader in the House of Representatives.” [Eric Cantor’s Republican Round-up, 10/6/12]
  • Allen Praised Cantor’s “Positive, Constructive Leadership.” Appearing at Eric Cantor’s Republican Round-Up, Allen said, “we’re going to have Eric Cantor and his positive, constructive leadership improving the lives of people at their kitchen tables, their small businesses.” [Eric Cantor’s Republican Round-up, 10/6/12]

McConnell Praised The Budget Control Act As One Of The “Things We Agree On… [That] Will Get Us A Trillion Dollars In Savings Over 10 Years.” The following exchange occurred on NBC’s Meet The Press: DAVID GREGORY: “Isn't this classic? Politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths? We can't have an ultimatum, ‘my way or the highway,’ but we will not talk about tax increases as we go forward to try to bring this budget into balance over time.” SEN MINORITY LEADER MITCH MCCONNELL: “Well, regretfully, it never gets talked about, but there actually are things we agree on. We passed the Budget Control Act last August, this past August. It will get us a trillion dollars in savings over 10 years.” [Meet the Press, 9/18/11]
Six Out Of Eight Of Virginia’s Republican Congressman Voted For Sequestration Deal. The Richmond Times Dispatch reported that six of Virginia’s Republican congressman voted for sequestration deal. They include: Robert J. Wittman, R-1st; Scott Rigell, R-2nd; Robert Hurt, R-5th; Robert W. Goodlatte, R-6th; Eric Cantor, R-7th; Frank R. Wolf, R-10th. [Richmond Times Dispatch, 8/2/11]
McDonnell Supported Debt Ceiling Deal. The Virginian-Pilot reported, “Offering measured praise for the late-breaking federal debt ceiling deal that averted a potential credit default, Gov. Bob McDonnell cautioned Tuesday that it is just a ‘small first step’ to get government spending under control. ‘I am pleased that we have avoided default, which would have threatened Virginia's AAA bond rating and have been catastrophic for our economy, and that this legislation cuts spending and does not raise taxes,’ the governor said in a statement. ‘Throughout this debate I have been clear that Congress must raise the debt limit by August 2 and that any increase in the debt limit should be accompanied by a reduction in federal spending. This legislation, while not perfect, achieves both of those objectives.’" [The Virginian-Pilot, 8/2/11]
Fairfax County Chamber Of Commerce Supported Deal To Raise Debt Ceiling. The Washington Post Virginia Politics blog reported, “Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce President Jim Corcoran, mindful of the billions of dollars that pour into Northern Virginia from the federal government, called on Congress and the White House on Tuesday to cut a deal to raise the debt ceiling or risk damaging Virginia’s economic powerhouse.” [The Washington Post, Virginia Politics Blog, 7/26/11]
FACT: The day the debt deal was struck, Kaine and Republican leaders issued nearly identical statements of support.
Cornyn On Debt Deal: “This Proposal Is Far From Perfect, But It Is A Step In The Right Direction And I Will Support It.” A press release from Senator Cornyn’s office stated, “U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) a member of the Senate Budget Committee, today announced he will support the Budget Control Act of 2011 and released this statement: . . . ‘This proposal is far from perfect, but it is a step in the right direction and I will support it because it serves as an important benchmark towards fundamentally changing the debate in Washington, as the American people asked for last November.’” [Senator Cornyn Press Release, 8/1/11]
Kaine On Debt Deal: “While Far From Perfect, The Current Approach Before Congress Maintains Economic Stability By Raising The Debt Ceiling And Enacts Important Spending Cuts.” [Kaine Campaign Press Release, 8/1/11]
FACT: Crossroads’ attacks on Kaine over sequestration have already been “exhaustively debunked.”
Roanoke Times: Attacks Against Kaine Have Been “Exhaustively Debunked.” Super PACs Resorting To “Fabrications.” In an editorial titled, “A Second Helping Of Yuck – Interest Groups Are Piling On Attack Ads Against Senate Candidate Tim Kaine That Have Already Been Debunked,” the Roanoke Times wrote, “The Labor Day kickoff for this year's campaign season is still more than two weeks away, but outside interest groups are already serving up warmed over attack ads. Worse, the stale accusations being shoved down voters' throats have been exhaustively debunked. The hapless ‘star’ of three new negative TV ads that began airing this week is Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine. Surely his political opponents can scout out legitimate policy differences without resorting to fabrications. The former governor has an extensive record, and one that hardly qualifies as ancient history. He and his family moved out of the executive mansion less than three years ago. But Crossroads GPS and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the advocacy groups underwriting the ads, aren't interested in a thoughtful policy discussion. They don't even seem to be that interested in saying nice things about Republican candidate George Allen. They just want to get the most bang for the millions of bucks they are spending by demonizing their target.” [Editorial, Roanoke Times, 8/17/12

  • Roanoke Times: Crossroads “Regurgitates Accusations” That Kaine Supports Deep Defense Cuts, “But He Expressed Concern About Automatic Spending Cuts To Defense And Urged Congress To Pass An Alternative Plan.” In an editorial titled, ‘A Second Helping Of Yuck – Interest Groups Are Piling On Attack Ads Against Senate Candidate Tim Kaine That Have Already Been Debunked,’ the Roanoke Times wrote, “That ad is part of a two-fer this week from Crossroads GPS, a national conservative group which, along with its SuperPAC, plans to spend more than $200 million across the country in this year's elections. Its other hit piece regurgitates accusations that Kaine supports a congressional budget deal that could result in deep defense cuts and dramatic job losses in Virginia. Kaine spoke in favor of the bipartisan agreement last summer that allowed the U.S. to avoid default on its debts, but he expressed concern about automatic spending cuts to defense and urged Congress to pass an alternative plan less onerous to the Pentagon.” [Editorial, Roanoke Times, 8/17/12]
  • Roanoke Times: “Voters Shouldn’t Swallow [Crossroads’] Charges As Facts. They Don’t Know Whose Hands Have Been Touching These Moldy Leftovers, But They Do Know Those Hands Aren’t Clean.” In an editorial titled, ‘A Second Helping Of Yuck – Interest Groups Are Piling On Attack Ads Against Senate Candidate Tim Kaine That Have Already Been Debunked,’ the Roanoke Times wrote, “Crossroads GPS and the Chamber are permitted to spend unlimited sums this year, and they don't disclose their donors. Voters shouldn't swallow their charges as facts. They don't know whose hands have been touching these moldy leftovers, but they do know those hands aren't clean.” [Editorial, Roanoke Times, 8/17/12]

RTD: Crossroads Ad “Does Not Mention...That The Debt Deal Was A Bipartisan Plan Supported By Numerous Republicans, Including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-7th, And Gov. Bob McDonnell.” The Richmond Times-Dispatch Virginia Politics Blog wrote, “Karl Rove-founded conservative group Crossroads GPS is up with two new ads in Virginia targeting Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Timothy M. Kaine. The ads, titled ‘Cost’ and ‘Pledged’ hit Kaine for supporting last year’s debt deal and proposing tax increases as governor respectively. ‘Cost’ accuses Kaine of failing to put Virginia first by voicing support for the debt reduction deal. . . . What the ad does not mention is that the debt deal was a bipartisan plan supported by numerous Republicans, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-7th, and Gov. Bob McDonnell.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, Virginia Politics Blog, 8/15/12]