Richmond, VA -  Today, Anne Holton, wife of former governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine, continued her tour of community colleges and universities across Virginia with visits to Paul D. Camp Community College (PDCCC) in Franklin and John Tyler Community College (JTCC) in Chester. In Franklin, Anne toured nursing classrooms and computer labs, and in Chester, Holton visited mechanical engineering lab facilities, an early childhood education classroom and the newly renovated library. At JTCC, Holton also met with students and mentors who participate in the Great Expectations program, which helps foster care children transition to community college.

At each visit, Holton discussed her husband’s commitment to improve Virginia’s schools and increase access to educational opportunities for students from pre-k to higher education and workforce training programs. During his term as governor, Kaine opened one-stop workforce development centers, designated nine career and technical education programs throughout Virginia as Governor’s academies and increased pre-k enrollment by 40 percent.

“Even during the worst recession since the Great Depression, Tim worked with members of both parties to make significant cuts to the budget, while protecting critical investments in education that continue to build Virginia’s talented workforce," said Holton.  "In Washington, Tim will continue to improve the lives of Virginia’s families by breaking through the gridlock to make education a priority and strengthen our economy.”

In Franklin and Chester, Holton also emphasized Kaine’s work to pass a record higher education bond package with bipartisan support, which funded state-of-the art academic facilities, cutting-edge equipment, and modern classrooms in community colleges and universities throughout the state. The 2008 bond package benefitted both Paul D. Camp Community College and John Tyler Community College by upgrading their academic facilities.

“Tim understands that if we fail to invest in education, our children will graduate without the tools they need to enter an increasingly competitive job market - he believes it's one of the most important investments we can make to keep our economy strong,” said Holton. “He also recognizes that in order to have the economic future we want, we have to work together to ensure we develop the most skilled workforce in the world."

Holton has toured college campuses across the Commonwealth to share Kaine’s economic vision with educators, students, and administrators. Previous stops include Tidewater Community College (Virginia Beach Campus), Norfolk State University, George Mason University, Northern Virginia Community College (Woodbridge Campus), Dabney S. Lancaster Community College, Northern Virginia Community College (Annandale Campus), and Rappahannock Community College.